Tidbit from ‘Back of Book’ – Tea Party

#TeachableMoment #4 – I just laugh when I see the #Media fools make fun of the #TeaParty.  Again, the Tea Party is the majority. (You must remember that.) The Tea Party is made up of conservatives, independents, and democrats – all who know how to throw a rally without violence, trash, defecating or stealing.

The Tea Party are American citizen tax-paying #voter #patriots that just want a balanced budget, and our country protected.  Yep Media, keep pissing on the Tea Party and calling them names, like “baggers”.  “#Baggers” is a sexual pun, but you see it is okay for them to be bigoted and sexist.  Just don’t YOU try it, or SPOILER ALERT: they’ll be all over your shit!  Yep Media, keep pissing them off — that’ll go over real well.  I have a feeling, the Media has no clue that they have been creating a low, slow simmer to boil as they continue to think they can #MindFreak us.

And the #MajorityRules.  The Majority Rule is what most of our country still is made up of.  America-loving, voting, tax-paying patriots.  Not protesting, violent, destructive, thankless illegals that wave their country’s flag in ours, that only the Media covers; instead of showing you the Majority which are all the hundreds of thousands of others they don’t video!  Enjoy your #MediaMindControl.  The Media thinks they have learned how to perform a lobotomy, without surgery!

#GulliblesTravels:Raw&Uncut by @J.LeeWebster – tell everyone about this blockbuster naughty, racy, based-on-true-story book!

Picture from Book – #NewOrleans

This is the #1stPlace #NewOrleans #RugbyTournament Trophy the #Surfers from #SanDiego received to give to the coach/sponsor.  It was 5 ft. tall.  We put cleats on it and had it fill in at #Wing on occasion.  Get the book, and learn more about the #SanDiegoSurfers 1st Placed USA run, both domestically and internationally through the dry wit of the author @J.LeeWebster – #GulliblesTravelsRaw – tell everyone to share the laughs.

New Orleans Tournament 1st Place

New Orleans Tournament 1st Place

#GulliblesTravels:Raw&Uncut by @J.LeeWebster – tell everyone about this blockbuster naughty, racy, based-on-true-story book!

Tidbit from ‘Back of Book’ – #SueHappyUSA

#TeachableMoment #3 – Don’t you wanna just #slapSomeone in the face every now and again, when they truly deserve it? Figuratively speaking. Or a good ‘ol knock-down-drag-out fight between two #rivals to settle a score? And not worry about being sued over it? You give them your opinion – they give it back – you return verbal fire to put them in their ignorant place. Well, the #ControlFreaks won’t allow that today, so it’s good to get a little aggression out in a good game of #rugby.  Kick that ball around all you want instead.  Or mark a #boxing bag “Stupid People” and hit it a lot.

You can’t have verbal-warfare in today’s ‘cry-baby world’.  Our society has brought up our kids to be soft and cowardly. No wonder so many of them can’t win at anything anymore or still live at home! If you hurt someone’s ‘feel-bads’ today, instead of having a good debate, they are likely to “tattle to the authorities” (whomever that may be) or even worse, sue you over being called a name. A name?! My God. Not like the good ‘ol days when no one sued for anything stupid. Just took their deserved lumps. Now we have a world full of STUPIDs in this enabled sue-happy and broke country, looking for any reason to make a cheesy fast buck!  Honorary members of the #CowardMan’sClub.

So we can’t fight it out with them, and we can’t call them a name? Are you surprised then that some people go postal? Not everyone has a #punchingBag or canyon to scream into. As long as we have stupid people who refuse to listen to logic, others with higher I.Qs are going to blow a fuse. They just won’t understand why they don’t see the same logic.  It’s #humanNature. (But have you noticed ONE SIDE seems to be more violent than another when it comes to so-called #protests. You never hear of #conservatives going ape-shit at a #HilLIARy rally.)  Read the book to see how we used to settle it in the #Good’olDays. Find out what the author has to say about the solution to #SueHappy Moronville in the back-of-the-book segment!

#GulliblesTravelsRaw.com – tell everyone about this blockbuster book!

Something from the ‘Back of the Book’

#TeachableMoment #2 – Are we not supposed to be #liberal-minded, as #theLeft always tells us?  Liberal-minded is supposed to be “open-minded”; non-judgmental, right? Yet they are the biggest #Control Freaks on the planet, always telling us constantly ‘how to’ think, eat, drink, live, etc. Buttinsky’s.  Whatever happened to “live and let live” as long as it’s not hurting you or someone defenseless?

If something is not your cup of tea, then keep a distance, leave them alone and leave the judging to God.  Just don’t go out of your way to party with them, put them on your Christmas card list, or in your Will…and you’ll be fine.

#Common-sense people with an I.Q. won’t hurt you.  If someone’s breaking the law, then arrest them!  Otherwise, just stay away.

(This point is within the “interview with the author” back of the book segment.) #GulliblesTravelsRaw.com

Excerpt from “Back of the Book – Bad Karma”

#TeachableMoment#1: People lead shitty lives and treat people shitty, lie, cheat, scam, steal, kill. And then they wonder why THEIR LIVES are shitty!?  #Karma dude.  You reap what you sow.  Fix your life, share love, respect, and generosity with everyone, be honest and watch how your life will turn around.  It’s that simple.  Negativity breeds negativity.

You give good, and good gives back to you.  Have honest #integrity.  Stay away from these negative, dark people.  You are just dragging the bad luck along with you otherwise.  They suck.  Literally.


The Back of the Book teaser

The back of book “interview w/author” tells a story of today.The author rats out today’s poliDICKs. “Wait until they get a load of me!”, as the author says things everyone is afraid to! She tells us why Middle Classers will #voteForTrump as majority rules/voters rule, not dictators. And these stubborn government leaders better open their eyes to the voters! They are sick of #controlFreak poliDICKs. So far, posts have been snippets about the book’s historical and humorous story line of a #1stPlaceUSA team. But some of you may want to start at the end. The author is using this book to wake some people up!

The author has the guts to talk about hypocrisies and taboo’s such as the #N-word, racism, #terrorism, true bigots and discriminators, LGBTs, #PC-Police, being a victim, what Conservatives are REALLY all about, the mind-bending Media, and more.

This book will grab attention for its historical and racy story line.  But the back of the book will also grab the reader for completely different reasons. It’s time to be said, without fear of being shut down by the minority of voters, via the Rembrandts of the bobblehead Media.