Excerpt from Chapter 11 – “Wellington’s Honey of a Try”

Excerpt from Chapter 11 – “#Wellington’s Honey of a Try”:

They are greeted by their #Auckland travel agent Mick, but only to
welcome them and see them to their nice B&B hotel to rest up.
The stay in Auckland is purely a tourist visit.

Some of the gung-ho girls have an impromptu training practice in the car
park. It is true athletic addiction.

Curious on-lookers walking by literally stop and stare. “Are
those?…WOMEN… passing a rugby ball?”

The sun is peeking through the clouds, but it’s still moist out. Streak gets
back, to a sigh of relief by Ryleigh. She watches Streak jump out of the
compact convertible, “Gosh, she musta froze her tushie off!”, shaking
her head with wonder.

Streak hops out of the Triumph, grabs her bag, gives Nathan a quick peck goodbye, steps back, blowing a kiss with her palm pressed to her lips. She then proceeds to continue kissing different spots traveling up her own arm, for a laugh.

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