Excerpt from Chapter 12 – “Rottenrua”

Excerpt from Chapter 12 – “#Rottenrua”:

“That’ll be Three Dollar Fifty, please”, the clerk says.

They go into the store to buy some #Salt&Vinegar chips, some drinks and some chicken flavored chips too. The Americans love this new discovery, as they don’t have them in the U.S.

First of all, Ryleigh is flabbergasted at how cheap it totals to. She says, “Wow! That’s a lotta dough!”, joshing with her dry wit!  The clerk questions, “Dough?”.

Missing the girl’s question, Ryleigh asks her, “Is there any tax?”.

And the girl responds with another quizzical look, “Tax?”, like Ryleigh is speaking broken English.

Ryleigh has to repeat herself.

To which the girl responds again, “No, you get those at the hardware store”.

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