Excerpt from Chapter 13 – “Auckland #Fiji, After All”

Excerpt from Chapter 13: Auckland & #Fiji, After All

The #Surfers head to #Auckland to play the local Tamaki Wives social team and kick their butts 76 to Zero. No mercy.  A complete nuclear winter annihilation.  Total carnage.


These girls grew up with the sport of #rugby, but they have no idea of what is about to hit them.

They approach it tough though, like #Christians going to the lions. They know the game from watching their husbands, but still lack that “teamwork” thing.  But ever since this Auckland-side heard the news of the Americans being in the country touring, they HAD to call them at the radio station to arrange a game.

They know they are only a wives’ social side themselves, but tell the U.S. girls, “We heard you on the radio and saw you on the Telly! We had to ask you to play us!  It will be just an honor to have played the best international women’s side”.

So the Surfers cannot stand them up.

When it is 50-to-nothing at half-time, the American team start to joke quietly at how easy this game is, but don’t want to hurt the opposing team’s feelings since they were giving it such a college try. They want to encourage them!  Not the opposite!

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