Excerpt from Chapter 14 – “The Façade”

Excerpt from Chapter 14 – “The #Façade”

…This makes him go nuts.  He jumps up and grabs Ryleigh by the arm and starts slapping her hard, back and forth across the head, yelling “Get out! Get out! Now!”.  Shaking her.  Screaming at her.

Years ago, she would have cowered like a frightened fool, and believed him.

Not tonight.

She is having nothing to do with this.  All 118 pounds of her.

She fires back, “NO!  I am not leaving!!”  And she struggles back.

She’s scared shitless, and now crying, but with every ounce of effort she has, she fights back…not going quietly or easily.  She’s tired of being walked on.

The next thing she knows, she is having a knock-down, drag-out fight as he pushes and pulls her by the arms, legs and hair to get her to the front door, thumping on her.

She’s on the floor, and he’s literally dragging her to the front door, caveman-style.  She still is not going easily.  It takes him at least 10 minutes to get her to the front door.

She’s fighting back, kicking and screaming.  It’s not a quiet episode.  She’s cries, “No, no, no! You can’t do this! I have every right to be here.”…

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