Excerpt from Chapter 17 – “NZed the 2nd Time Around – Sowing Wild Oats”

“I will drink no #wine before it’s tiiime. And I do believe it’s a fine tiiiiime to drink some wiiine”, Booh sings out in her Texan southern drawl.  Her beautiful beaming smile broad.

It’s now the following year. After their illustrious premier trip the year before, every U.S. ladies team wants to go #DownUnder now.  A ladies team in Orange County went to #NZ after them.

All kinds of things have happened this year, and Ryleigh’s life has done a 90 degree right-turn. It may be 10 years too late, but she’s grown up almost overnight…

…Ryleigh is on a high. Literally.  From pain killers.  During the game, she played her best once again.  But she hates to wear a mouth-guard.  She feels they restrict her capacity to breath, not to mention how gorilla-fugly they make one look…

Ahhh #vanity.

Earlier in today’s #rugby game against Belmont Shore, at one point when converging on the ball against the opponent, Ryleigh and her own teammate got there at the same time…

…They were like two trains coming around a blind corner and colliding into each other, because someone forgot to switch the rails. It is that sudden.

Blood was everywhere; nerve endings severed. Injury time was called, a dressing applied by Doc, and Ryleigh’s mouth bandaged with tape all the way around her head to hold the bandage on.  No complaints.

And off she went, looking like a crazed mummy, back into the game, with a new fervor like none other.

She probably plays one of her best offensive games yet. #MVP of the Game.

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