Excerpt from Chapter 16 – “Schroomers”

Amie Annimal and Deanne are originally from the greater #LosAngeles/OrangeCounty area, and so the #rugger-hugger ladies are totally into going to watch one of their local #SanDiego men’s clubs play in a very small #Tustin tournament, with only six teams.  Tustin is nestled among the inland, concrete freeways of Orange County.

This fave local men’s team has struck up quite a friendship with Streak, Amie and Deanne over the past couple years.  They are really good friends.

Ryleigh is not sure, but she figures they possibly have had all sorts of #trysts amongst them with the more fun members of this men’s team.  Maybe, maybe not.

Some are married.  Some have girlfriends.  It’s always been that way; the things she knows about most of these guys over the years would fry most people’s intelligence.  It doesn’t matter.  It is not her business to ask for the details.  Nor for her to judge.

Deanne has brought a stash of schrooms….and Streak is feeling frisky

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