Excerpt from Chap. 18 – Popcorntown North

“Ohhh, you beauty, this is magic!…this is brilliant!” as they drool over it, gobbling it up, licking the butter off their fingers. They cannot stuff it into their faces fast enough.

Amie and Ryleigh make some more fresh popcorn dripping of fresh butter tonight for their billet hosts and the Jones’ family purely salivate over it. They can’t get it in their mouths fast enough!

The only kind of popcorn they have in #NZ is the stale, pre-made kind in a bag. So one can imagine the difference. Ryleigh brought a lot, so they make a couple of batches.

Meanwhile, Streak is at her billets, wow-ing them with buttered grill-cheese sandwiches like she’s some kind of gourmet chef. They tell her, “This is ace! This is blinding!”.

It’s comical to the Americans. Where’s the #vegemite? Eeesh…

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