Excerpt from Chapter 14 – “The Façade”

Excerpt from Chapter 14 – “The #Façade”

…This makes him go nuts.  He jumps up and grabs Ryleigh by the arm and starts slapping her hard, back and forth across the head, yelling “Get out! Get out! Now!”.  Shaking her.  Screaming at her.

Years ago, she would have cowered like a frightened fool, and believed him.

Not tonight.

She is having nothing to do with this.  All 118 pounds of her.

She fires back, “NO!  I am not leaving!!”  And she struggles back.

She’s scared shitless, and now crying, but with every ounce of effort she has, she fights back…not going quietly or easily.  She’s tired of being walked on.

The next thing she knows, she is having a knock-down, drag-out fight as he pushes and pulls her by the arms, legs and hair to get her to the front door, thumping on her.

She’s on the floor, and he’s literally dragging her to the front door, caveman-style.  She still is not going easily.  It takes him at least 10 minutes to get her to the front door.

She’s fighting back, kicking and screaming.  It’s not a quiet episode.  She’s cries, “No, no, no! You can’t do this! I have every right to be here.”…

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‘Back of Book’ interview – Page 482

With all of today’s negativity going on, you would think the Author is a soothsayer, considering the interview with the Author was written months and months ago. Not once does Author say to vote for anyone, but predicts everything that is happening today that the liar #lamestreamMedia said “would never happen”.  And she TELLS YOU WHY it is happening!

If everyone were to read her book, starting at page 482, they’d have all the answers to what has been going on and why. She talks to you like she’s sitting across the table from you, so you will easily understand.  And if everyone all had the smarts enough to understand it, there would be forever #peace in the world. But that’s never going to happen, is it?  Not enough smarts in the world. Period.  She tackles subjects that everyone else is AFRAID to, and lays it all out in common sense. Yes, topics like the #N-word, #racism, and #LGBT’s, and more. Btw, what’s now with the “Q” lately added to ‘LGBT’? Isn’t that a bit redundant with the letters already there? duhhh. What is the IQ of the person who added THAT one?!

This book is an anomaly.  Read it in reverse – start at pg. 482 and read the last 80 pages before you delve into the first part of the book and story.  You won’t be disappointed. And she really doesn’t even care if you don’t read the main part of the book because of your A.D.D.  One day you will though, and you’ll say “damn, why didn’t I read this sooner?”.  Just read the last 80 pages before the election, and be blown away.

And we’ll leave you with this — #HilLIARy and #Obarky stopped investigation on #Orlando mosque! There’s a reason #Demonrat Party has the symbol of the jackass.

Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV) “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”

And a quote from the book:

#Liberal Leaders can repeatedly commit fraud, improprieties, illegal procedures and processes, political manipulation, catastrophe hoax manipulation, obstruct justice, break our laws and are immune to punishment; but YOU can’t.  And our Media will paint them as heroes instead of reporting the truths.

GulliblesTravels:Raw&Uncut (GTRU) by @J.LeeWebster – tell everyone about this blockbuster funny, naughty, racy, based-on-true-story book!  It’s two books in one!


Something Else from the ‘Back of the Book’ – Being a Victim

#Teachable Moment #5 – #BeingAVictim – As you can probably guess, Ryleigh had some pretty horrendous things happen in her life, yet she didn’t need therapy or try to mass-murder anyone.   If you have an #I.Q., some normal intelligence and #commonSense, you too can get over ANYTHING, and move on in life, no matter what happens to you.  #StopBeingAVictim and blaming everyone else for your problems.  Instead, figure it out, get stronger by it and fix it.

#FightBack!  #ChicksRock  #GirlPower  #Victim

#GulliblesTravels:Raw&Uncut by @J.LeeWebster – tell everyone about this blockbuster naughty, racy, based-on-true-story book!